Prove Content Marketing ROI: Performance Scorecards

clipboard-key metrics chartsThere is a great post just out at the Content Marketing Institute. I’ve copied a quick snippet below, but it also runs through a good process for ROI measurement.

  1. Define your objective
  2. Pick the right KPIs
  3. Align your marketing efforts
  4. Build your scorecard and benchmark performance
  5. Set realistic goals
  6. Monitor performance

It’s great to see more structure and narrative added to Content Marketing planning and measurement.

ROI. It’s the elephant in the room.

In spite of burgeoning internal support and increasing budget, the truth is many content teams still struggle with justifying spend through content marketing ROI, and performance is suffering as a result.

Want proof? In December, my company released The 2014 Marketing Score Report, which compiled the results of more than 300 assessments taken by marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs. According to our data, respondents’ highest priority goals are focused on the bottom line: generating leads (86 percent) and converting leads into sales (85 percent).

Unfortunately, content marketing was the lowest rated among the Marketing Score’s 10 sections, with an average section score of 25 percent. Of more than 130 factors ranked, six out of the 10 lowest ranked fall under content marketing.

chart-bottom 10 lowest rated factors

Read more, here.