Superstar Marketers: 3 Traits You Must Display

272486_l_srgb_s_glExcuse the buzzfeed-esque title on this one. But you clicked, right?

I’ve included this from B2B Marketing Insider because, quite rightly “data and analytics” is included as one of the top 3 traits. 

What separates the best marketers from the rest?

A couple of recent articles and studies appear to be pointing to the same 3 traits you need to master to become a superstar in marketing.

Are you looking for that elusive secret to success?

I’m not sure it’s such a secret. Fortune has always favored the bold. And opportunity comes from preparation and the ability to lead people to a common goal.

So what do superstar marketers do? They learn to take risks with a few calculated bold moves, use data and analytics to drive intuitive decision-making and learn how to build amazing teams by being a leader with empathy.

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